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5 Reasons - Why trail runners should use these yoga techniques:

With these exercices, the toughest run won't give you the wrong idea and you'll stay focused. Maybe you already use one of these yoga techniques in trail running.

  1. Yoga on the mat to prepare Hatha yoga practice addresses several points at once, focus, circulation and posture. The meditation helps you to become clear in the head and you can switch off your thoughts for a short time, in addition, the mind is calmed, this also has a positive effect on the focus while running. Breathing exercises (pranayama) improve oxygen and carbon dioxide circulation, calm and regenerate the central nervous system. The postures (asana) give the strength, flexibility, balance, stamina and self-confidence. This has a positive effect on the posture and on the increase in the run. In this way you also prepare your muscles, tendons and ligaments for the stress.

  2. Mountain pose The mountain pose is a yoga figure, you can use this upright standing posture whenever your body needs strength and focus. If you feel bored, distracted or exhausted while running, return to this position to regroup. It is best to assume this posture before each run, close your eyes and breathe in and out for a few deep breaths. Stand upright, feet, knees and hips in line, pelvis neutral in the center. The chest is open. Shoulders back down and chin slightly toward the chest. Let your body relax and focus on breathing.

  3. Conscious breath First, be aware of your breath during your exercise session. How does your breathing behave during fast, long and short runs? Do you breathe with your nose or your mouth? Does this affect my performance? Well, try to focus on your breathing during your next workout. Breathe in and out for the same amount of time e.g. 3 steps in and 3 steps out. This way you stay focused and don't get out of your rhythm. With a little practice you will find the key to restoring the feeling of ease. At first find out what your breath is like, observe it in your workouts. During fast, long and short intense runs, observe how you breathe, is the inhale and exhale the same length or different? Are you breathing with your nose or mouth? How does the breath affect the steps? Now try to concentrate on your breath while running, breathe in for the same amount of time as you breathe out, e.g. 3 steps in and 3 steps out. This way you will also get away from senseless thoughts, you won't get bored and you won't get out of rhythm so quickly.Maybe you will find the key to restoring the feeling of lightness.

  4. Repeat mantras The word mantra comes from Sanskrit and means "instrument of thought". A mantra is repeated over and over again to help you focus, so you get into a flow state. This is exactly what can help you while running to not get sidetracked and to keep your focus. Have you ever run with music and had an earworm? You noticed that running is so much easier. This time, put away the headphones and repeat your motivational mantra during the run. It doesn't matter if you have experience with mantras or just repeat 2-3 sentences of a song that is in your head over and over again. It can also be different mantras, for the fast run or for a leisurely run. The important thing is that it focuses and relaxes your state.

  5. Focus In yoga it is also called drishti, it is the anchor of consciousness without getting distracted. You probably already use it in yoga practice during balance exercises, the wall or an object is fixed with the gaze, so it is easier to focus on balance. Also when running this focus can help, of course it is not an object as you are always in motion. It is about directing the attention to one thing. This way the mental awareness of a task is sharpened. In trail running the trail is the object, the obstacles (stones, roots) are consciously perceived but you go over them, this is called meditative awareness.


Yoga gegen Rückenschmerzen

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Hallo, danke fürs vorbeischauen

Ich bin Franzi aus den Alpen, hier erfährst du mehr über meine Geschichte, wie ich Yogalehrerin wurde. Erfahre Tipps und Tricks über Yoga und einen gesunden Lebensstil.

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