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Outdoor Yoga: 5 tips for practicing outdoors

Summer is here: I'm already itching to get outdoors - because nature gives us strength and teaches us connectedness. I have 5 tips for your outdoor yoga.

Handstands on a sandy seaside, trees in front of palm, solar salutations at dawn - if you study the yoga snap shots on social media, it seems like yoga typically takes region outside. Yet we all understand that at the same time as those are stunning motifs, they're rarely the fact: the exercise typically takes vicinity interior - in the studio, in the living room. In my classes I do yoga courses outdoors and also in the mountains.


1. In the proper vicinity: Quiet, flat, sheltered from the wind and with a super view - the right yoga spot isn't so clean to discover in nature. It's usually better the alternative manner around: get stimulated by way of an area which you're interested in and that just feels "right" for you. There, you may find a exercise that suits both the situations and your mood - although it's just a properly grounded tadasana (mountain pose).

2. Include the entirety: Practicing outdoors is not often as undisturbed as it's miles at domestic: Insects crawling over your legs, a surprising gust of wind, a butterfly, a rock poking through your mat - many stuff capture our attention exterior, and not all of it is great. The undertaking is not to look the excellent as a welcome distraction and the ugly as a supply of disturbance: Everything this is there now's a dwelling part of your very well alive experience. This open, nonjudgmental presence is what we call mindfulness.

3. Holding the strength: Focusing and amassing further properly exterior as whilst practising indoors is perhaps the greatest project. While indoors the strength seems to condense more and more as you exercise, outside it has a tendency to feel like it is dissipating. The only issue that facilitates here is complete openness to the revel in as it's miles: training outdoors could be very extraordinary initially - and this otherness wishes to be located and appreciated.

4. With all senses: Instead of withdrawing the senses (pratyahara), we first try the exact opposite when practising exterior: we use all our senses to hook up with our surroundings. We feel the earth beneath our ft and the breath of air on our pores and skin. We scent the forest ground, flavor the sea breeze. We hear the close to and a long way sounds and see the solar's rays wink via among the branches. All of this is allowed to touch us and make us resonate - simply as, conversely, our practice resonates with this surroundings.

5. Allowing inside and outside to merge: The very concept of this practice, as in yoga in preferred, is a deeper connection: We pass outdoor and pass interior at the equal time. And the other manner round: we experience from our inside and connect with the outside on the same time. In doing so, we understand: the character around us is at the identical time within us, we are part of it with each fiber.



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