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What is Hatha yoga?

Meaning of Hatha yoga: The word Hatha comes from Sansrikt, "Ha" stands for the sun and "tha" for the moon and behind it there is effort, effort, strength and persistence. Yoga has a positive effect on body and mind, it connects them by alternating tension and relaxation and thus comes into harmony. The tension includes strengthening and mobilization of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. This improves mobility, strengthens the supporting muscles and has a positive effect on general wellbeing. Meditation and relaxation also relieve stress and pain, e.g. migraines or back pain. Weight loss when overweight can also be better controlled.

Yoga can be practiced at any age. Just 15 minutes led to a better quality of life. Whereby 60 minutes should be completed for a full yoga unit in order to achieve greater effects.


Yoga gegen Rückenschmerzen

2022 - 11 Nov - Franzi Yoga Pose -   Katzenbuggel-204227.jpg
22.1.2022, 14_42_37.jpg

Hallo, danke fürs vorbeischauen

Ich bin Franzi aus den Alpen, hier erfährst du mehr über meine Geschichte, wie ich Yogalehrerin wurde. Erfahre Tipps und Tricks über Yoga und einen gesunden Lebensstil.

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