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Hiking adventure


Who i am?

Franzi, hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of South Tyrol, was cradled by the mountains from childhood. These towering peaks, once her playground, inspired a lifelong love for the outdoors and movement.

With an innate zest for life, she thrives in the embrace of fresh air and the rhythm of nature. Transforming her passions into purpose, Franzi now guides souls on journeys of exploration as a hiking guide, imparts balance through yoga, and champions wellness as a health coach.


Discover serenity and vitality with Franzi, from Alpinitty Yoga in South Tyrol.

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Yoga courses

Immerse yourself in my world of yoga and experience the soothing atmosphere in the magical towns of Merano, Postal and Val Passiria. As an experienced yoga teacher, I cordially invite you to join me on a journey where body, mind and soul merge in harmony. Whether you are a beginner or already familiar with yoga, my classes are designed to meet your personal needs. Let's dive into the depths of relaxation together and discover the many benefits of yoga - from increased flexibility and strength to inner balance and calm. Be there when we create a community of well-being together and experience the transformative power of yoga in Meran, Postal and Val Passiria. Your path to more serenity and inner balance starts right here

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