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autenticos meran - yoga mit franzi alpinitty
Hotel Adlernest Schnalstal - Wanderfürhungen Franzi Alpinitty
Hotel Polaria Algund - Yoga mit Franzi Alpinitty
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eishof pfossental yoga mit franzi alpinitty
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Deep Touch



Hiking adventure

Franzi Braunhofer

As a full-time yoga instructor and hiking guide, my focus is on cultivating awareness of body, mind, and the natural environment. This journey has personally opened many new doors for me.

Through yoga, you can reach a new level of freedom and well-being. Let me help you share these experiences and together, we can develop a deeper awareness. Let's embark on a journey of inner growth and harmony together.

2022 - 11 Nov - Franzi Yoga Pose -   Schmetterling -204315.jpg

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Entdecke Hatha Yoga in der Umgebung von Meran: Burgstall und Gargazon. Hatha Yoga vereint Atemtechniken, Körperhaltungen und Meditation zur Förderung von Balance und Entspannung. Yoga Kurs in meiner Nähe.

2022 - 11 Nov - Franzi Yoga Pose -   Katzenbuggel-204227.jpg
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