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How I became a yoga teacher?

Through my education as a fitness and health trainer, my interest in physical health started to grow. I am a very active person. I love to be outdoors and breathe fresh air, high in the mountains, there I can collect myself and recharge my batteries. Despite my sporting activities, I started to feel a lack of balance to calm down and relax.

So I got into yoga.


The subject was always interesting for me, so I wanted to know more, learn more and also be in a yoga community. So I looked out for yoga teacher training. After weeks of searching I came to the decision to complete a 4 week intensive training at Yoga Vidya. Through the training I became a vegetarian, the food was so delicious and my sensitive stomach felt good very quickly, and my food intolerances are now gone.

My yoga path began 5 years ago, I practice yoga almost every day and in 2019 I decided to complete the yoga teacher training.

If you are also a yogi or would like to become one, I would be happy to show you my yoga practice for mountaineers. Yoga makes you more flexible, stronger, your physical tension is closed and your mind is used to rest.

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