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5 yoga tips to help you succeed as a beginner

1. Only do what feels good to your body

In a group, one likes to be tempted to be perfect and to be able to do anything. Yoga is not about doing something good for your body and not punishing it. If a pose (asana) feels very unnatural, uncomfortable, or painful, stop doing that pose.

2. Choose the right class

Take your time and start with beginner lessons and slowly feel your way. If you have never practiced the downward facing dog, then it is better not to go to Vinyasa Yoga lessons, the rapid dynamic sequence of which can also demotivate you at first. It is better to start with gentle units like Hatha Yoga, where the positions are kept short. Talk to the yoga teacher before the lesson to find out if it suits you.

3. It doesn't matter what you look like, anyone can practice yoga

Nobody judges you in yoga, everyone has to concentrate on himself so you don't have time to worry about others. Everyone has been in the same situation as you and has to giggle at first or doesn't know the terms. If someone judges others then they are not right in yoga.

4. You cannot meditate “badly”

Being quiet and losing your mind is very difficult, especially at the beginning or after a stressful day. Even if your mind is on your shopping list all the time, it's fine. Again, this aspect of yoga requires practice and as long as you emerge you have already "won".

5. You will always want more to feel like a professional

Even contortionists who you say are experts don't feel like professionals. Everyone is in the same mental space in yoga, everyone feels like students who have a lot to learn, regardless of the experience we have in physical practice. In yoga you can always develop further, there will be no end. Enjoy the yoga trip, everyone is where they are and that's a good thing.



Yoga gegen Rückenschmerzen

2022 - 11 Nov - Franzi Yoga Pose -   Katzenbuggel-204227.jpg
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Hallo, danke fürs vorbeischauen

Ich bin Franzi aus den Alpen, hier erfährst du mehr über meine Geschichte, wie ich Yogalehrerin wurde. Erfahre Tipps und Tricks über Yoga und einen gesunden Lebensstil.

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