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How I prepare now my healthy smoothie's, fast and easy.

I love smoothies in the morning. Ideally in summer, when the fruit comes fresh from the garden, in this time I like to prepare a smoothie bowl to cool off. As delicious as this is, it takes a lot of time. Wash, peel and chop the fruit and vegetables. Sometimes I'm late, sometimes I'm not doing so well, or I just haven't heard of this effort. Do you know that too?

I have a few food intolerances so I am all safe when I prepare my smoothies myself. Not that I was buying where I'm ending up getting side effects. Coincidentally I went to the Kencko Smoothie last month.

This is GMO free, gluten free, no added sugars, and no artificial experiences. There are only 100% personal rights in it. These are flash frozen, pulverized and packaged. What I was interested in right away is the quick and easy preparation. Do not wash, peel or mix fruits and vegetables. Simply put the portioned envelopes in the shaker, mix with water or milk, guide and go. In terms of taste, the smoothies are very tasty and taste completely natural.

There are 18 different smoothies to choose from, so you'll find your favorite smoothie too. My favorites are beet red and mint green. For me, the Kencko smoothies are a good addition, especially when things have to be done quickly and when fruit and vegetables are not in season.

What does the drink cost?

The costs are to be paid with dietary supplements and go from 1.6 € to 4.2 € per smoothie, the further how much is heard.

My honest opinion

I think it is great if you do a kind of diet and if you don't like certain fruits and vegetables. So you can still consume these varieties and nutritions. Kencko is a good substitute smoothie due to its powder form, but for me it does not completely replace the homemade smoothie. As I said at the beginning, I think it's a great solution in between and tastes really good with the organic fruits!

They transform fresh, organic fruits and veggies into handy single-serving instant smoothies. Each one contains about 80 calories, and gives the same nutritional benefits as 2.5 cups of fresh produce. Simply mix the powder into water or your favorite milk for a quick, healthy boost - wherever you are.

Other opinons

"Fruits, spices, vegetables... all in one, made from the best quality products, and packaged in environmentally friendly packaging. What else could you wish for. When I make my smoothie, it looks like it´s made with freesly peeled fruit. It makes it easier for me to take a good product when I´m traveling or away from home." by Lourdes S.


Yoga gegen Rückenschmerzen

2022 - 11 Nov - Franzi Yoga Pose -   Katzenbuggel-204227.jpg
22.1.2022, 14_42_37.jpg

Hallo, danke fürs vorbeischauen

Ich bin Franzi aus den Alpen, hier erfährst du mehr über meine Geschichte, wie ich Yogalehrerin wurde. Erfahre Tipps und Tricks über Yoga und einen gesunden Lebensstil.

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